MPLADS funds provided by Sri J.D.Seelam, MP (RS) – Implementation of a Comprehensive Programme for Socio-economic development of the poor in select Mandals in Guntur and Prakasam Districts – Orders – Issued.




G.O.Ms.No.195                                                                       Dated:  15.05.2006


O R D E R:

Sri J.D. Seelam, Member of Parliament (R.S.) has requested the Government for formulation of a project for socio-economic development of the poor in 22 select Mandals of Guntur and Prakasham Districts to be implemented with the MPLADS funds duly dovetailing with the ongoing developmental programmes.


2. The District Collectors of Guntur and Prakasam have submitted proposals after exploring the opportunities for dovetailing MPLADS funds with the ongoing Government programmes.


3. Government after careful consideration of the matter, issue the following guidelines for implementation of the project in the (22) select Mandals of Guntur and Prakasam Districts.

4. Objectives:  

The primary objectives of this project are:


1.  To improve the quality of life of the targeted population in the            selected Mandals.

2.  To enhance the economic empowerment of the poor.


5. Project Area:           


The project will be taken up in 22 Mandals of Guntur and Prakasham Districts as listed below:



1.       Repalle Rural

2.       Nizampatnam

3.       Pittalavanipalem

4.       Ponnur Rural

5.       Kakumanu

6.       Bapatla

7.       Pedanandipadu

8.       Karlapalem

9.       Nagaram


10.   Chirala Rural

11.   Vetaplem

12.   Karamchedu

13.   Chinaganjam

14.   Parchur

15.   Yeddanapudi

16.   Inkollu

17.   Jahakavarapu Pangulur

18.   Addanki

19.   Karisapadu

20.   Ballikurava

21.   Santhamaguluru

22.   Marturu

6. The Scope:             

         i.      Integrated development of weaker section housing colonies with a reading room cum library.

       ii.      Promotion of health by providing Mobile health clinic cum emergency transport for medical care to the community.

      iii.      Construction and management of Girls’ Hostels for college going girls to promote higher education among girls from weaker sections.

      iv.       Provision of clean drinking water by establishing Water purification units  to make safe and clean drinking water available for the community

        v.      Promotion of livelihood opportunities for the Fishermen by providing FRP mechanized boats to make them owners of productive assets.

      vi.      Establishment of Design cum Trade Facilitation Centres for weavers

     vii.      Construction of Platforms for drying the fish and also to take up value addition activities.

   viii.      Establishment of Internet Kiosks for the educated unemployed youth.

     ix.      Dairy units to the women groups

       x.      Imparting employable skills to the educated unemployed youth

     xi.      Disseminating information about various opportunities available through social animators.

    xii.      Vegetable cultivation on the lands belonging to SC.

7. Strategy for dovetailing MPLADS funds with the ongoing Government programmes:

The District Collectors of Guntur and Prakasam will identify the ongoing Government programmes such as Indiramma Novel Development in Rural Areas and Mandal Municipal Areas (INDIRAMMA), Indira Kranthi Patham (IKP) and Rajiv Yuvasakthi and expand the scope of these programmes for enhancing the effectiveness of the programmes, duly dovetailing with the MAPLADS funds.  In addition, programmes of Departments such as Social Welfare, DRDA, DWMA SC Corporation, ST Corporation and BC Corporation can also be leveraged with MPLADS funds for securing integrated development in the project Mandals.

8. Implementing Agencies:

            The Guntur District will be the nodal district for MPLADS funds and DRDA Guntur and Prakasham will be the implementing agencies of the respective Districts.

9. Project Monitoring and Review Committee:

            There shall be Project Monitoring and Review Committee in each of the Districts of Guntur and Prakasam with the following composition.



District Collector

Guntur / Prakasam




Sri J.D. Seelam,

Member of Parliament (R.S.)




Project Director

DRDA Guntur / Prakasam




Chief Executive Officer,

Zilla Parishad : Guntur / Prakasham




Chief Planning Officer

Guntur / Prakasam




Executive Director, SC Corpn

Guntur / Prakasam




Executive Director, BC Corpn

Guntur / Prakasam




District Manager (Housing)

Guntur / Prakasam




District Youth Welfare Officer /

District Women and Child Welfare Officer /

Asst. Director Horticulture of

Guntur / Prakasam




Superintending Engineer

Panchayat Raj, Guntur

10.        The District Collector, Guntur is permitted to engage the services of Programme Manager / Programme Executive on contract basis for coordinating the Project activities with the various Departments under aegis of DRDA Guntur.  The expenditure towards Programme Manager / Programme Executive shall be met from the project management component of IKP, Guntur District.  DRDA Guntur and Prakasam will provide suitable office accommodation and infrastructure to the project office.

11.        Terms of Reference

1.   The Committee will formulate sub-projects for each component of the project clearly detailing the cost, the targeted areas / beneficiaries, the resources to be mobilized from MPLADS funds and the resources to be invested on the Government programmes.  Approval for the sub-project shall be obtained from Monitoring and Review Committee.

2.   To evolve strategy for effective convergence of the programmes in the targeted area.

3.   Formulate a comprehensive proposals for bridging the gaps if any, with the fund support from the agencies such as DFID.

12.        The guidelines issued from the Government of India on MPLADS funds shall be scrupulously followed, while allocating the MPLADS funds for implementation of the comprehensive development programme in the Mandals listed above.

13.        Chief Executive Officer (SERP) will formulate the proposals on the lines of Giri Pragathi for securing funds from external agencies, if need be, to bridge the gaps if any identified in the implementation of the programme.

14.        A copy of this order is available on the Internet and can be accessed at the address:,





The District Collector,Guntur District.

The District Collector,Prakasam District.

Sri J.D. Seelam, Member of Parliament (R.S.), # C1/8, Pandara Park, New Delhi -110 011.

The Project Director, DRDA, Guntur District.

The Project Director, DRDA, Prakasam District.

The Chief Executive Officer, Zilla Parishad, Guntur District

The Chief Executive Officer, Zilla Parishad, Prakasam District

The Chief Planning Officer, Guntur District.

The Chief Planning Officer, Prakasam District.

The Executive Director, S.C. Corporation, Guntur District.

The Executive Director, S.C. Corporation, Prakasam District.

The Executive Director, B.C. Corporation, Guntur District.

The Executive Director, B.C. Corporation, Prakasam District.

The District Manager (Housing), Guntur District.

The District Manager (Housing), Prakasam District.

The District Youth Welfare Officer, Guntur District

The District Youth Welfare Officer, Prakasam District

The District Women & Child Welfare Officer, Guntur District

The District Women & Child Welfare Officer, Prakasam District

The Assistant Director, Horticulture Department, Guntur District

The Assistant Director, Horticulture Department, Prakasam District

The Superintending Engineer, Panchayat Raj, Guntur


Copy to:

The Principal Secretary to Government, Planning Department, Govt. of A.P.,

The Director, MPLADS, Ministry of Statistics & Programme Implementation, Sardar Patel Bhawan, Sansad Marg, New Delhi.

The Chief Executive Officer (SERP), AP., Hyderabad.

The Commissioner, Rural Development, AP., Hyderabad.

The Commissioner, PR & RE Department, AP.,Hyderabad.

The Managing Director, AP Scheduled Castes Coop.Fin.Corpn.Ltd.,

The Managing Director, AP Backward Classes Coop.Fin.Corpn.Ltd.

The Managing Director, AP State Housing Corporation Ltd.,

The Commissioner, Youth Services, AP., Hyderabad

The Director, Women Development & Child Welfare Officer, AP., Hyderabad.

The Commissioner, Horticulture Department, AP., Hyderabad.

The Mandal Development Officers concerned of Guntur District and Prakasham District

The P.S. to Minister (RD, RWS & EG).

The P.S. to Principal Secretary to Government (RD), PR & RD Department.

The P.A. to Additional Secretary (RD), P.R. & R.D. Department.