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26.12.2013 Memo 4055 MGNREGS-AP- Utilization of service of APNA NGOs in formulation of SSS federations allotment of 34 mandals West Godavari, Vizianagaram, Srikakulam and Krishna - Reg
19.12.2013 Cir No. 4995 MGNREGS-AP- IKP - IB Voluntaries training with the help of IKP Master Trainers -Reg
17.12.2013 Memo 8487 MGNREGS-AP- Convergence work with PR&TW Dept. execution under category 1 works - extension of timeline - Reg
13.12.2013 Memo 4055 MGNREGS-AP- Monitoring SSS federation activities at district and state level appointment of Spl. Officers - Reg
13.12.2013 Memo 1404 MGNREGS-AP - 100% complete Shrama Mitra First Phase Trainings - Ready for second phase training - Reg
09.12.2013 Memo 1404 MGNREGS-AP- 100% Complete Shrama Mitra First Phase Trainings - Reg
10.12.2013 Cir No. 930 MGNREGS-AP- NBA- Sanitation facilities to all houses covered under weaker sections housing programme including IAY  convergence to NBA (TSE) - Guidelines - Reg
09.12.2013 Memo 8487 MGNREGS-AP- Convergence work PR& TW Dept restoration of in-progress damaged road works in Phailin Cyclone - Reg
09.12.2013 Memo 8041 MGNREGS-AP Changing of GP batches provision to PD login - Reg