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Date G.Os/ Memo / Cir Subject
01.01.2010 Circular NREGS-AP Operationalisation of Central Fund Management System through Nodal Banks Further guidelines issued.
29.12.2009 GoMsNo.406 NREGS-AP Operationalization of central fund management system through nodal banks orders issued.
19.12.2009 Memo No. 657 Works Land Development, open wells taking up works in ST/SC land first - Guidelines issued.
18.11.2009 Go.Ms.No. 355 NREGS-AP Implementation of the schemes through fixed labour groups- Establishment - IB wing to impart continuious training - orders
25.11.2009 Cir No. 1036 NREGS AP Certain district specific new works in East Godavari, West Godavari, Krishna, Guntur- Permission accorded Communication - Reg.
12.11.2009 Memo No. 653 Adilabad making rainfed paddy fields pilot in certain mandals instruction issued
11.11.2009 Memo No. 653 Works deletion of certain works in Software solutions for Re-inclusion information called for
31.10.2009 Do Lr No. 770 IKP-EGS Visiting of EGS Planning teams to villages - inclusion of land development activities for SC/ST lands in shelf of works - instructions to all PDs DWMAs
28.10.2009 Memo 636 NREGS - AP Certain new works - Guidelines issued
28.10.2009 Memo 635 NREGS-AP Works Bush clearance on existing roads - Guidelines Communicated
28.10.2009 Memo 954 NREGS-AP Total sanitation under NREGS - Pilot in 4 districts guidelines
18.09.2009 Memo No.653 NREGS-AP works in progress status prior to installation of software version 6.00 of PMP
15.09.2009 Cir No 71

Comprehensive restoration of MI tanks possibility of duplication of works under NREGS

08.09.2009 Go.Ms.No. 272

RD – NREGS - AP – Providing internal roads and drains in the habitations roads to fields/burial grounds etc., under NREGS –   Orders – Issued

08.09.2009 Go.Ms.No. 271

RD – NREGS-AP-Works under Rural Connectivity project- Certain Guidelines – Issued

01.09.2009 Cir No. 657

NREGS-AP - Works  Filling of abandoned open wells guidelines issued

22.08.2009 Memo No. 710

Drought mitigation measures Building shelf of works - identification of new works

24.08.2009 Cir No. 709

NREGS - AP Guidelines of Mates - Telugu

25.05.2009 Cir No. 3-748

RD – Watershed Development Programmes – Convergence with NREGS – NRM works to be executed with watershed funds and under NREGS - Instructions – Reg

21.08.2009 Cir No.101

NREGS – AP – Filling up of vacant Field Assistant positions in some Gram Panchayats with Rozgar Sevaks to perform the functions of Field Assistants – guidelines issued
        Annexure-1 & II         Annexure -III

20.08.2009 Cir.No. 653

NREGS-AP-works-creation of quality assets- certain guide Lines on Muster Rolls-Recording of M. Books- -Super check measurement-issued-reg.
Montoring Formats       Tool Sketches       M.Book

20.08.2009 Lr No. 710

NREGS-AP – Drought mitigation measures - Establishment of State control room and District Control Room for monitoring of implementation of NREGS- Reg

16.08.2009 Lr No. 710

NREGS-AP - Drought mitigation measures - Appointment of Muster verification officer and check measurement officer – Reg.

19.08.2009 Govt Memo 15963 Filling up of vacant Field Assistant Positions in some Gram Panchayats with Rozgar Sevaks to perform the functions of Field Assistant – Reg
16.08.2009 Memo. 653 NREGS-AP - Works - Lifting ban on certain works - Instruction

Cir No. 11

Taking up of Horticulture plantation in institutions - Reg
31.07.2009 Go.Ms.No 236 NREGS – AP - Providing internal roads and drains in the habitations roads to fields / burial grounds etc. under NREGS – Reg
24.07.2009 Go.Ms.No 231

NREGS-AP Providing of Rural Connectivity to SC, ST and Other remote habitations– Guidelines – Issued

26.06.2009 Go.Ms.No 195 NREGS – AP and Other developmental schemes – Revision of Rural Standard Schedule of Rates (RSSR) – Orders – Issued
01.06.2009   Go.Ms.No.173 NREGS-AP – Bonded labour on migration – Special strategy to rehabilitate the freed bonded labour – Orders - Issued
 29.05.2009   Go.Ms.No.171   NREGA 2005 -  Conduct of Social Audits in EGS – Creation of the posts of Social Audit wing under NREGS-AP – Orders – Issued.
21.05.2009 Memo 8299 RD - NREGS-AP - Minimum wages to labour Permission to adopt the Minimum wages notified by Labour Department - Orders - Issued - Reg.
16.01.2009 Gazette NREGS-AP Conducting of Social Auditing Rules, 2008 - AP GAZETTE