Memo.No.24235 / RD-II / 2006,                                                    Date: 05.02.2007

Sub:-   INDIRAMMA Phase-II – Identification of pensioners under various categories of pensions scheme – Guidelines for selection of beneficiaries under INDIRAMMA Phase-II –  Issued.


Ref:-    G.O.Ms.No.19, PR & RD (RWS.III) Department, dated 17.01.2007

* * *

            In the reference cited above, Government have issued orders on identification of eligible beneficiaries for various programmes under INDIRAMMA Phase-II.  One of the important programmes of INDIRAMMA is social security pensions being given to old and destitutes, disabled persons, widows and weavers, all belonging to Below Poverty Line families. 


2.         In order to ensure that the selection of beneficiaries for pensions is done in a transparent manner so as to ensure that no person not belonging to BPL and not fulfilling the eligibility criteria is selected.  Similarly it is also to ensure that no eligible person is left out.  In order to ensure these twin objectives, Government after careful consideration issue the following guidelines for selection of eligible persons under INDIRAMMA Phase-II.


3.         The Project Director, DRDA is the nodal agency for identification, selection and disbursement of the pensions in the district.


Responsibility of the Panchayat Secretary:

1.              The Panchayat Secretary shall through beat of tom-tom call for applications on plain papers from eligible persons from 16th February, 2007 to 15th March, 2007.


2.              During this one month period, the Panchayat Secretary shall visit every habitation, particularly SC/ST/BC localities, collect the applications and gather information about the eligibility of all the applicants and fills up the check list prescribed in Annexure-1 to this Memo.


3.              The Panchayat Secretary shall take abundant care to see that most eligible persons particularly those belonging to landless labour families are not left out.


4.              The Panchayat Secretary shall verify the pension register being maintained and ensure that all the pending applications listed in Part-B of the register are contacted and applications collected from them.


5.              The Panchayat Secretary shall cause thorough verification into eligibility criteria particularly the age status of the applicant as desitutes in case of Old Age Pensions, status of the applicant as Widow in case Widow pensions, nature and degree of disability in case of disabled pensions, status of the applicant as weaver and destitute status in case of Weavers pension and certifies the validity of the information on the check list.


6.              It may be noted that beneficiaries of Annapurna scheme if found eligible for pensions, shall be considered.


7.              The Panchayat Secretary is accountable for the information provided in the check list by the Panchayat Secretary.


8.              After thorough scrutiny of the application and filling up of the check list, the Panchayat Secretary shall read out the check list entries of every application and obtain the decision of the INDIRAMMA Monitoring Committee whether to recommend or not to recommend to Gram Sabha.  The decision of the INDIRAMMA Monitoring Committee shall be recorded in the check list.


9.              All the applications recommended by the INDIRAMMA Monitoring Committee shall be taken up in the Gram Sabha.


10.         The Panchayat Secretary shall read out the list of persons recommended for pension in the Gram Sabha and calls for objection on the eligibility of the persons recommended by the Gram Sabha.


11.         The Panchayat Secretary shall also take representations if any from the applicants who are not included in the list and settle the eligibility of the applicants in the Gram Sabha itself or as per instructions issued in G.O.Ms.No.19, Dated 17.01.2007.


12.         The Panchayat Secretary shall then submit the proposals to the Mandal Parishad Development Officer through a covering letter in the format prescribed in Annexure-2 together with original applications received from the applicants and check list of each application.


13.         The Mandal Parishad Development Officer consolidates the proposals received from the Panchayat Secretary and submit the consolidated proposals in the format in Annexure-3 to the Project Director, DRDA along with applications and certificates.  After due recommendation by the District Level Coordination committee and approval District Incharge Minister, the Project Director, DRDA shall enter the particulars of the persons recommended for sanction of pensions into the Social Security Pension software and uploads the data into the SSP website.  The District Collector shall then send the proposals in the format prescribed in Annexure-4 to the Chief Executive Officer, SERP.


4.         In the selection process as detailed above, it is necessary to take abundant care to see that no eligible person is left out. 


5.         The Village Organizations takes responsibility to identify the most deserving and eligible persons, facilitates them to file the applications and assist the Panchayat Secretary to fill up the check list.  The Project Directors, DRDA shall build the capacity of Village Organizations to perform these responsibilities with the help of a trained Community Resource Person who will assist the Village Organization in carrying out the above tasks.


6.         The Village Organization leader shall be trained to ensure that the list of most deserving persons as submitted by the Village Organization is considered by the INDIRAMMA Monitoring Committee and recommended by the Gram Sabha.


7.         The Project Director, DRDA should facilitate the Village Organization to actively participate in Gram Sabha and make sure that no eligible persons are left out.


8.         This Memo is available on the Internet and can be accessed at the address


                           K. RAJU



All the District Collectors

All the Project Directors of DRDAs

The Principal Secretary, Social Welfare Department

The Principal Secretary, Women Development, Child Welfare and

       Disabled Welfare Department

The Principal Secretary, Industries & Commerce Department

The Principal Secretary, Municipal Admn. & Urban Development Department

The Principal Secretary, PR & RWS, PR & RD Department

The Chief Executive Officer, SERP, AP Hyderabad.

The Commissioner, Rural Development

The Commissioner, Panchayat Raj, AP Hyderabad

The Commissioner Social Welfare Department

The Commissioner, Disabled Welfare Department

The Commissioner, Handlooms & Textiles Department

The Commissioner, Municipal Administration.

The Director of Treasuries and Accounts, Hyderabad


Copy to:


All the District Treasury Officers in the State

The Accountant General, A.P.,Hyderabad

The Special Secretary to Chief Minister

The PS to Minister, RD and RWS

The PS to Minister, Social Welfare

The PS to Minister, WD, CW & DW

The PS to Minister, Industries

The PS to Minister, Municipal Administration

The PS to Chief Secretary to Government

The PS to Principal Secretary (RD)

The Commissioner, AMR-APARD, Rajendrangar, Hyderabad

The Web Manager, Rural Development Website

      O/o the Commissioner (RD), PR & RD Department.



                                                            // Forwarded By Order //



                                                                                                             Section Officer


(Annexure – 1)




Name with Surname                   :  _______________________________________

S/o and W/o                     : ________________________________________

Age:                                : _________

SC/ST/BC/OC/Minority      : _________

Village & Mandal               : __________________ ____________________


(Please mark ‘√’ if YES, mark ‘x’ if NO)




1.       He/ She has born in the village/Ward    

2.       Not born, living since more than 3 years


B)      OLD AGE


1.       Destitute

     a.  Having sons but not looking after

     b.  Having sons but they are BPL

     c.   Having sons but they are land less labour

     d.   Having sons but migrated

     e.   No sons

2.       Age 65 years & above




1.       Nature of Disability

      a. Blind

      b. Deaf & dumb

      c. Orthopedic handicapped

      d. Mental retardation

2.       Disability 40% above       

3.       Age 18 years and above   

4.       Having disability certificate

          if, NOT, whether Gramsabha has certified

D)      WIDOW


1.       Above 18 years

2.       Year of death of husband




1.       Age 50 years and above

2.       Community

          a) Padmashaali

          b) Others

5.       Destitute

     a.  Having sons but not looking after

     b.  Having sons but they are BPL

     c.   Having sons but they are land less labour

     d.   Having sons but migrated

     e.   No sons




1.  Land holding              

     a.  Landless

     b.  If not, extent in acres

2.  Having house


    if, YES

a)     Pucca                             

b)     Hut             

 3. Is any family member working

    in Government service  


4. Is he/she from BPL family as per the

    Participatory Identification of Poor (PIP)


   If, YES

          a) Poorest of the poor (POP)

          b) Poor


5. Having ration-card       

    if, YES

a)   Pink

b)  White


Panchayat Secretary         



Resolution of Indiramma Village Level implementation cum monitoring committee

Recommended / Rejected

If rejected, reasons for rejection







Sarpanch      ____________________


  1. Member (RYSG)                ____________________
  2. Member (SHG)                 ____________________
  3. Three local members

i.        _________________

ii.       _________________

iii.      _________________


Resolution of Gram Sabha                         Date                      No.





Not recommended





Panchayat Secretary                                       Sarpanch







------------ Mandal.




Sub:-INDIRAMMA Phase II – Identification of pensioners under various categories of pensions scheme – Recommendation - Reg.


                Ref:  G.O.Ms.No.19, PR&RD (RWS.III) Dept., dt.17.1.2007.




        As per the guidelines issued vide reference cited, the Gram Panchayat has short listed eligible beneficiaries for all types of pensions under INDIRAMMA phase II.


        The following process was adopted in short listing the eligible beneficiaries. Visited the SC, ST, BC and other localities in each habitation from 16.02.2007 to 12.03.2007.  Held meetings with the agriculture labour and others in these localities and received applications from eligible beneficiaries for old age/widow/disabled and weavers pensions. Verified with the POP list. After duly ensuring that no eligible person is left out, a list of eligible beneficiaries was prepared. The   Village Monitoring Committee have   approved the individual Check List prepared.


        A Gram Sabha was held on 15.3.2007 at 10.00 AM. ___________ number of people attended the Gram Sabha. The list of eligible pension beneficiaries was read out in the Gram Sabha. Objections were called for and settled in the Gram Sabha itself. After Gram Sabha approval, the following are the category wise pensions requirement abstract of the Gram Panchayat. 

S. No.


No. of Pensions


Old Age















        The detailed list of the proposed pensioners is as follows:



Father/Husband/Wife  Name


Type of Pension




























          The above list of persons are eligible in all respects and recommended for sanction of pensions.


                                                                                                                                             Panchayat Secretary

                                        ________ Gram Panchayat                                                  



1.Applications along with Check list form and certificates

2.Copy of Gram Sabha resolution



The Project Director,


________ district.


Sub:- INDIRAMMA Phase II – Identification of pensioners under various categories of pensions scheme – List of eligible persons – Submitted.





The list of eligible persons for the pension scheme under INDIRAMMA phase II Viollages, received from the Panchayat Secretaries of all the  villages in the mandal, duly approved by the Village Monitoring Committee and the Gram Sabha, is sent herewith.


The guidelines issued for selection of beneficiaries has been followed scrupulously by the Panchayat Secretaries. The proposed beneficiaries short listed are eligible and no eligible beneficiary has been left out in the INDIRAMMA Phase II villages.  The following pensions may please be allocated to the Mandal.



Name of the village

Population (as per 2001 census)

Existing pensions


































Grand Total









Yours faithfully,




 Encl.: List of GP wise proposed pensioners alongwith applications




The Chief Executive Officer

Society for Elimination of Rural Poverty,


Govt. of AP




        Gram Sabhas have been held in the district for selection of beneficiaries for the pension scheme under INDIRAMMA phase II programme. The list of short listed applicants has been approved by the Village Monitoring Committee,  the Gram Sabha and the District In-charge Minister. The third-party verification has also been completed.


       The list of eligible beneficiaries has been consolidated and sent to PD, DRDA by the MPDOs. DRDA has uploaded the list to the web-site on social security pensions.  The following are the category-wise pensions required to the district.

S. No.


No. of  Pensions


Old Age















      As can be seen from the web-site, the requirement of the district under INDIRAMMA phase II pensions( Rural) is ___________ number of pensions. As ____ number of pensions is required for universal coverage of pensions in the INDIRAMMA phase II villages/wards, the Government is requested to allot ___ number of pensions to ______ district.



                                                                                                  District Collector


Copy to the Prl. Secretary to Government, RD,  for information.