Pensions – Old Age Pensions, Widow Pensions, Disabled Pensions and Weavers Pensions – Guidelines for distribution and disbursement of Pensions under various Pension Schemes in urban areas of the State – Orders – Issued.





G.O.Ms.No.23                                                                         Dated:  20-01-2007

                                                                                                   Read the following:-


            1. G.O.Ms.No.82, PR & RD (RD.II) Department, Dated: 25.03.2006

            2. G.O.Ms.No.89, PR & RD (RD.II) Department, Dated: 29.03.2006


* * *



The Government issued detailed operational guidelines in references 1st    read above for implementation of the pension schemes in the State through the Department of Rural Development. 30.96 lakhs pensioners are provided pensions under the above mentioned pensions schemes, including 8.99 lakhs under INDIRAMMA, with an estimated cost of Rs.743 crores per annum.


2.         Reaffirming the commitment to the vulnerable sections in society, the Government have decided on

universal coverage of pensions in a phased manner under INDIRAMMA Programme. 


3.         Further, the Government in the reference 2nd read above enhanced the rate of pension from Rs.100/- to Rs.200/- per month per pensioner with effect from 01.04.2006. 


4.         In order to demonstrate highest levels of efficiency in the implementation of the Pensions Scheme, Government hereby issue the following guidelines for streamlining the distribution of pensions in the State:


4.1 The Pension scheme shall be managed by the Project Directors, DRDA through the computer software called Social Security Pensions Software (SSPS) developed by the Department of Rural Development.           


4.2    All types of pensions shall be distributed to the pensioners on 1st of every month in every ward.  The District Collectors shall notify the date and place for distribution of pensions ward wise in the local newspapers in the last week of March every year and also communicate the list of places to the people’s representatives to enable them to be present at as many places as possible on the day of distribution.


4.3    The pensions shall be distributed in public at ward building or at Government school building or any other Government institution in every ward.

4.4    The presence of people’s representatives such as MLAs, elected representatives of Municipalities and members of INDIRAMMA monitoring committee shall be solicited to oversee the disbursement of pensions and wherever they are present, their signatures shall be obtained on the acquittance list to record their presence at the time of distribution of pensions.


4.5    The acquittance list with the signatures / thumb impression of the pensioners in token of having received pension together with the list of death cases/temporary migration cases and undisbursed amount shall be submitted to the Municipal office on 1st evening itself, by the functionary authorized for distribution of pensions by the Collector.


4.6    On the day of distribution of pensions i.e., on 1st of every month, a communication shall be sent to those pensioners who have not been able to come on that day, to receive the pensions 4 days later i.e. on 5th of the month at the same site.


4.7 The Municipal Commissioner shall collect the Acquittance lists pertaining to all wards, prepare Municipal Acquittance abstract and prepare utilization certificates by 8th  of every month and hand over the (3) documents to PD, DRDA along with the Demand Draft for un-disbursed amount.

4.8   The updating of the data base based on the acquittance received shall be completed by District Rural Development Agency by 15th of every month.


5.                  In order to facilitate transparency and social audit of pensions distribution programme, Government have decided to keep the entire information with the particulars of pensioners and month wise disbursement status in the web site.  The web site shall be updated by 15th of every month. 


6.                  The following transactions shall be made only through the Social Security Pensions Software (SSPS) of the Department of Rural Development provided to the District Rural Development Agencies:


6.1      District Collector shall issue financial approval to the pensions municipality wise in the first week of every financial year.  Financial approval shall be generated only through SSPS live data base containing names of the pensioners municipality wise.


6.2     As and when new pensions are sanctioned by the Municipal Commissioner to fill the death vacancies or vacancies arising due to permanent migration (*) or in case of additional quota allotted to the municipality, the sanction proceedings of the Municipal Commissioner shall be communicated to the DRDA.  The DRDAs should update the data base with the particulars of newly sanctioned pensions.  In all such cases supplemental financial approval for each municipality should be generated by the computer and communicated to the municipality after obtaining approval of the District Collector.


(*)  Migration of the pensioner for more than six months shall be treated as permanent migration and the names of such pensioners shall be deleted from the live list and it will be treated as vacancy.

6.3     Every month, the District Collector will issue a release order in the following format.



Name of the Municipality

Number of pensions to be distributed







Note file has to be generated through software only.


The DRDA after obtaining the approval of the District Collector, will issue the proceedings along with the cheques and  acquittance lists.


6.4  The District Collector shall issue authorization to all Municipal Commissioners to sanction new cases as and when   additional quota is  allotted.


7.                  Soon after receipt of Collector’s authorization, Municipal Commissioner shall sanction fresh cases, following the guidelines already issued. The list of freshly sanctioned cases along with the copies of the sanction proceedings of the Municipal Commissioners shall be sent to Project Directors, DRDA for updating the live data base in the computer.


8.                  No person shall be given pension unless Financial approval is given by the District Collector and Executive Chairman, District Rural Development Agency.


9.                  Expenditure incurred for the amount i.e. in excess of computer generated estimated amount shall be deemed as irregular expenditure and Project Directors will be personally responsible for the lapse.


10.       The District Collectors shall adopt election type approach for achieving highest efficiency in the distribution of pensions.  The strategy should cover the following processes:


a.      Notification of date and venue for distribution of pensions.

b.      Appointment of designated functionaries for each ward for distribution of pensions.

c.      Establishment of distribution centres by opening special counters at municipal offices for distribution of computer generated acquittance list to the designated functionaries for distribution of pensions together with the cash.

d.      Appointment of supervisory officers for overseeing distribution of pensions on the 1st  / 5th of every month.

e.      Distribution of undisbursed pensions to be made on 5th of the month by the same designated officials.

f.        Collection of acquittance and undisbursed cash on 1st / 5th  evening by setting up reception centres in every municipal office.

g.      Submission of 1) acquittance list  2) municipalities abstract 3) Utilization Certificate  and 4) DD for undisbursed amount to Project Director, District Rural Development Agency by 8th of every month.




h.      The Project Director, District Rural Development Agency shall open special counters for receiving the 1) acquittance lists  2) municipalities abstract 3) Utilization Certificates  and 4) DD for undisbursed amount from every Municipal Commissioner and cross check whether entire undisbursed amount  is received.

i.        Updating the   database based on acquittance and uploading to  web-site by  15th of every month.



11.       The Department of Rural Development developed website on social security pensions which is available under  Any citizen can access the website for sanction and disbursement of pension  details, progress and analytical reports.


12.       A copy of this order is available on the Internet and can be accessed at the address







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The Principal Secretary, Women Development, Child Welfare and

       Disabled Welfare Department

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The Chief Executive Officer, SERP, AP Hyderabad.

The Commissioner, Rural Development

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The Commissioner, Municipal Administration.

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