Commissionerate of Rural Development


Cir.No.52/PMU/CB/2007, Dt:10.10.07


          Sub:   CRD – Prioritized technical trainings to Field functionaries on NREGS-AP –

................... Follow up action – Guidelines issued – Reg.


Ref:   Cir.No.52/PMU/CB/07, Dt:21.08.07



          As per the Circular instructions issued by this Office, the Project Directors DWMA were requested to identify technically qualified Resource Persons (MDT/DRP) to undergo Training of Trainers (ToT) programme at AMR-APARD.

          The AMR-APARD with assistance from the PMU-APARLP have designed the ToT module and facilitated the Training of Trainers in 5 Batches from 3rd to 9th October, 07.

          A list of participants who attended the ToT programme from your district is attached.  As can be seen, the PDs DWMA do not seem to have devoted enough time to ensure that technically qualified MDT / DRPs are nominated for the ToT.  In most of the districts, there is a predominance of Engineers while few Resource Persons from Agriculture/Horticulture were nominated, Most of the districts failed to nominate any Resource person under Forest/Plantation Sector.  Further, in spite of clear instructions, the Project Directors DWMA nominated non-Technical persons like CLRC/DLRC Coordinators and Resource Persons.

          A thorough analysis of the composition of teams from each district is undertaken and based on that it is felt necessary to give detailed guidelines for operationalisation of the training programmes at district/DLRC & CLRC level:

  1. As soon as the Resource Persons reported back in the districts, the PD DWMA shall hold a detailed review with them on operationalisation of the training programmes in the district.
  2. The Project Director DWMA shall call for a meeting of all MPDOs and Addl. Pos at district level and brief them about the training strategy and their responsibility to mobilize the field functionaries for training as per the schedule.
  3. The non-technical Resource Persons who attended ToT should be asked to undertake the following activities:
    1. Compile profiles of all Technical Assistants, Field Assistants & Mates (if selection is completed) on Computer system.
    2. From this data base, they should work out the no. of batches to be organized, the details of functionaries who have to attend training at each location.  Old FA/TA should be grouped separate from freshly recruited FA/TA.  Further, TAs with Engineering background and those with other background should be grouped separately.
    3. Prepare budget for conducting all the trainings.
    4. Approval of the budget by PD
    5. Issue of proceedings and fund release to the DLRC/CLRC

These Resource Persons shall be at district Headquarters for 2 to 3 days to prepare and complete this assignment so that the training plan, proceedings and funds are released to the training centers.

  1. The technical DRPs should be asked to visit one Gram Panchayat and one Mandal to physically spend one day time with Mate / Field Assistant / Technical Assistant and study the following:
    1. The Job chart of the above functionaries
    2. Actual work that is being carried out by them
    3. Identify gaps in the performance of these functionaries.

The Resource Persons must look at the way the field functionary delivers the services by verifying the records/registers being maintained by them, interacting with the labour and personally observing functioning of the Mate/FA/TA in the field.

    1. Assess training needs based on the above field visit and interaction.
    2. Come back to district and design the training programme/sessions to address the gaps identified in the field.
    3. The Technical Resource Persons must first of all identify top 10 types of works being implemented in the district (can be downloaded from the website 
    4. During the field visit, each Resource Person must make field visit on his/her own and not in teams.  While in the field, they must focus on major types of works identified earlier and focus on the performance of Mate/FA/TA from the point of view of their ability to implement these types of works.
    5. Most of the sessions should be skill oriented.  For this purpose, the Resource Persons should not indulge in lecturing.  In each session, they can spend 15 Min. to introduce the topic and then make the participants practice the items where they were found committing mistakes in the field.  Necessary extracts of muster rolls, measurement sheet, any other record etc., should be brought, copied and given to each participant to identify the mistakes committed and carry out corrections.  Thus each session should be taken as a case study and the participants should practice the issues coming out of the case study.
  1. Meanwhile the PD DWMA should identify Resource Persons for Agriculture/Horticulture/Forestry from among the MDT/WDT and furnish the list to the Special Officer and to the O/o. CRD.  Only after confirmation of composition of the teams from the CRD, the PDs will be permitted to start the training programmes.  Therefore, they should send the required list to the Special Officer/CRD immediately.
  2. It is found that in some districts, the Project Directors have nominated Resource Persons who are not familiar with the working of NREGS-AP or any programme of the DWMA.  Further, these Resource Persons do not have any contract or clear understanding about the remuneration and facilities offered to them.  The PDs DWMA are directed to note that the above issues should be clarified to the Resource Persons well in advance, so that they can concentrate on the assignment given to them.
  3. The Resource Persons with technical background, trained at APARD shall be available full time until the entire training programme in the district is completed.  They shall not be disturbed for any other work.  Necessary orders shall be issued, in written, to these Resource Persons.  Arrangements should be made for taking care of their regular duty by some one etc..
  4. The Course Directors CLRC/DLRC shall be made responsible to organize the trainings in the most conducive “teaching learning environment”.  Necessary equipment, material, residential facilities, catering etc., shall be arranged at each of the identified training location.  The Resource Persons and the CLRC/DLRC Coordinators shall stay at the training center along with participants during the entire period of the training programme.

The PDs DWMA are requested once again to scrupulously follow the above guidelines to operationalise the prioritized training programmes to the MPDOs / APOs / TAs / FAs and Mates as per the schedule prepared for the district and ensure that all the trainings are completed by end of November, 2007.


Sd/- Dr. K. Tirupataiah,



All the Project Directors DWMA & Addl. District Programme Coordinators, NREGS-AP.

Copy  to District Programme Coordinators, NREGS-AP with a request to review       the arrangements and progress at regular intervals.

Copy  to Addl. Programme Coordinators (PD DRDA, CEO ZP, PO ITDA) with a          request to actively participate in the training programme.

Copy  to the Commissioner, AMR-APARD for favour of information and with a          request to depute Resource Persons to monitor the conduct of training       programmes at the district level.

Copy  to all Special Officers with a request to be in regular touch with the       districts and ensure that the Programme is implemented effectively.

Copy  to CRD’s Peshi.

Copy  to Section.

Copy  to APC (CB), APC (PR) for necessary follow up with AMR-APARD.